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KidZania is one of the UAE’s most well-known indoor family entertainment centers. It is regarded as the most well-known activity-packed indoor city where your children may have fun while learning new things. It provides a diverse selection of activities for children that can aid in their intellectual growth while also being enjoyable. So, get your tickets today and save big with KidZania’s current deals.


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More About KidZania

KidZania is an award-winning multinational edutainment company that provides children with real-life experiences through a variety of role-playing activities in a kid-sized metropolis. KidZania is a well-known and interactive city designed specifically for children aged 1 to 14, combining innovation, fun, and role-playing learning. With KidZania, you can make your children’s event one to remember. KidZania is the finest platform for your children to build skills, confidence, and inspiration in order to become outstanding global citizens. KidZania combines role-playing with real-life events to provide enjoyable and interactive activities for children in Kuwait, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Prepare to Live in a Better World! It provides a variety of creative activities such as an arts academy, an art studio, an aviation academy, a chiropractic clinic, a dental clinic, a film studio, a health institute, an insurance office, a newspaper edition, and many more activities that serve to shape the future of your children. KidZania is the place where big dreams begin. Make your reservation today. Apply Emiratesdeals to your ticket purchase. ae’s KidZania offer & coupon codes are 100% working and up to date, so you may save even more money on your reservations!

Isn’t it true that we all want our children to think logically? But how do we impart this knowledge to them? Take kids to Kidzania, an interactive children’s city where they may be independent, think logically, and improve their analytical skills without putting in any effort on your part. We know it’s hard to believe, but all it takes is a trip to Kidzania with Rayna tours to experience it.

Encouraging education through play, Kidzania’s entire city is dedicated to honing children’s social skills while they having the time of their lives. At Kidzania, your child can play as a police officer, a dentist, a restauranteur, and over a hundred other characters. Your child can use the Kidzania currency to pay for goods and services, which will help him grasp the value of money, transactions, and dealing. The city contains everything a child needs in his everyday life, including a bank, ATM, hospitals, supermarkets, theaters, pizzerias, and more. The best aspect is that all of the activities are tailored to children’s height, attitude, and expectations. The youngsters come in naive, earn money through various role plays, spend it, have a great time, and then return better informed, educated, and independent. Isn’t that what we all want as parents?

Don’t bother with the TV or the usual slides and parks; it’s time to take your kids to Kidzania and introduce them to the real world in their own unique way. We guarantee you’ll keep coming back since your kids will adore it.

KidZania is the ultimate destination for your children to have the most realistic exposure to their interest areas, ranging from education, entertainment, cuisine, and health to media, retailing, transportation, and games. You’ll be able to increase their knowledge, confidence, and curiosity by including them in these unique activities. Remember that KidZania Discount Codes might save you a lot of money.
KidZania is also a great place to schedule birthday parties and school visits. It’s the ideal setting for your children to develop those skills that are impossible to teach in a classroom setting. Its role-playing activities are sure to raise your children’s awareness to a new level. So, don’t wait any longer and book your tickets using KidZania Coupon Codes to save big.

KidZania offers a variety of educational activities that allow kids to have a taste of their favorite occupations. It also assists kids in deciding what they want to study when they grow up by exposing them to a variety of topics. Within KidZania, there is a university where youngsters can learn about their desired jobs. In addition, there is an Acting Academy where children can act out their favorite parts and gain confidence. Remember that KidZania Offers might assist you in obtaining exceptional savings.

KidZania has a Metropolitan Theatre where a variety of programs are taped throughout the day and children are invited to participate. They can also go to Al Aan TV Studio, where they will be assigned various tasks like as maintaining the floor, recording shows, hosting, and so on. It is unquestionably an exciting event that you can provide for your children. Additionally, KidZania Discount Codes can be used to save money on tickets.

Food and Beverage
At KidZania, you’ll find a wide variety of places to eat and drink. At these eateries, children are also given the opportunity to prepare and serve. These activities expose them to the other side of the counter and offer them a firsthand understanding of how a restaurant operates. Fade Fit Kids, McDonald’s, Pizza Express, and a variety of other fantastic food companies are among the most popular. Don’t forget to use the latest KidZania Coupon Codes at checkout to save money on your KidZania tickets.

At KidZania’s Hospital, children learn about a variety of healthcare themes such as anatomy, empathy, bedside care, surgery, and more. There is also a Nursery Room where they learn how to care for new-born babies. A Dental Clinic is also available at KidZania, where children may learn about the work of dentists. This boosts their self-esteem and helps them prepare for professional life. KidZania Offers can be used to get great savings on your ticket purchases.

KidZania has a Radio Station where your children may learn about the production and operation of radio programmes. They also get to listen to the news on the radio. This helps students gain confidence and improve their speaking skills while also allowing them to pursue their desired job. You also have the opportunity to save big on your reservations by using KidZania Coupon Codes.

The Department Store in KidZania teaches children about the value of money. They are assigned crucial positions within the store, including Store Manager, Cashier, and others. This enables kids to comprehend how to earn and spend money. Children can also use their kidZos to shop for items at the department store. KidZos are a type of cash that may be used in KidZania. KidZania Deals let you to spend wisely and pay less for your tickets, just like your children.

Children’s versions of a hospital, fire station, beauty salon, bank, radio and television station, supermarket, pizzeria, and more may be found in Role Play KidZania. And your children can get a taste of what it’s like to work in each one. Role-playing activities will teach children to various vocations in a fun and participatory way, from television anchors delivering the news to police officers performing detective work and chefs preparing delicious meals.

When your children work, they will earn money just like adults in the real world. They will be compensated in kidZos – KidZania’s currency – for each work they do, and they will be able to spend their money on things and activities throughout the city. Your children can also open an account at KidZania’s Central Bank, where they will receive a debit card to use at the city’s ATMs and can save their kidZos for future visits. It educates kids about money management and budgeting in any case.

Kidzanian KidZania’s own benefits program rewards your children as they go through the city, providing them with hundreds of opportunities to try new things, expand their horizons, and make the most of each visit. Your children will become CitiZens and acquire an official KidZania PaZZport, in which they will be able to collect stamps that will allow them to receive more benefits, earn more kidZos, and receive a discount at the National Store.

highly qualified adults who are available to support your children and help them complete their responsibilities while they work and play – introduce each activity in KidZania. Parents, educators, and community leaders have come to trust our approach to Zupervisor training, so you can rest assured that your children will have fun and be independent while remaining secure under the supervision of professionals.

We have won various local and international honors, ranging from Best New Theme Park to Top Family Entertainment Centre and Best Concept awards, with KidZania cities in 24 locations across the world. Our accolades demonstrate our dedication to keeping the KidZania concept new and inventive while putting children at the center of all we do, unlike any other theme park on the planet.

KidZania membership gives you access to the world of kids on a regular basis.
Over 80 role-playing activities for your child’s social development.
The supervisor’s advice to help your child get the most out of the educational city

3 to 16 years old Children aged 17 and up, and adults aged 02 and up Baby

Kidzania’s Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any sales events at Kidzania?
On the Kidzania clearance & sales page, you’ll find a variety of specials, including Kidzania Coupons, price reductions, and other deals. Kidzania Coupon Code may be obtained on Emiratesdeals.ae, by the way. Kidzania will promote and sell during the holidays on its website and in-store. On kidzania.ae’s clearance and sales page, you’ll find the most up-to-date and comprehensive discounts.

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To obtain the best Kidzania discount, go to a reputable coupon website like Emiratesdeals.ae, where the discounts and vouchers are confirmed by the merchant and their validity is regularly checked.

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How do I get a discount at Kidzania?
Exclusive Kidzania Coupon Codes are available at Emiratesdeals.ae to help you save money on your purchases. Simply go to the Kidzania page to acquire free Kidzania Coupons that are 100 percent verified.

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How can I get in touch with Kidzania’s customer service?
Kidzania support can be reached by calling 800 38224 6255 or writing to Kidzania at EnquiriesDubai@kidzania.ae.

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