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Dubai Miracle Garden Each season, as the weather begins to cool at the onset of winter, the gates reopen at Dubai Miracle Garden. With more than 150 million flowers in full bloom, this 72,000-sq-m paradise has flowered into one of the region’s most picturesque, sweet-scented destinations since it first opened nearly nine years ago – fittingly, on Valentine’s Day

More About Miracle Garden Dubai


We’ve designed Dubai Miracle Garden to be a verdant treasure trove of experiences that capture the imagination, thanks to the breathtaking landscaping and a range of experiences you can share with friends and family.

Come aboard, we’ll take on a delightful trip to the most beautiful garden in the world- the Dubai Miracle Garden. The largest natural flower garden in the world deserves your visit, especially when it boasts of over 45 million flowers in the world across various different species. Arranged in unbelievably beautiful shapes, designs and themes; the flower garden is a sensory delight to your senses. A world free of worries and only natural scent; Miracle garden is your answer man’s amazing creativity.

Almost like a stunning riot of colors all over, the Miracle Garden has different tiers and levels adorned with flowers brought from all over the world and grown in the desert land of Dubai. From heart shaped flowers for the romantics to the vertical and horizontal landscaped designs that are a treat to eyes; Miracle garden doesn’t cease to surprise in every step. Emirats Deals makes an exquisite trip to this beautiful fairyland comfortably and luxuriously possible for all our esteemed guests.

Enjoy the outdoor water pools, flower decked vintage vehicles, different shaped walkways, paths covered with magnificent mini umbrellas, and some unbelievably amazing designs that refresh your mind, body and soul. To reach the Dubai land and enjoy the serenity of the Dubai Miracle Garden, simply call Rayna Tours and book our exclusive Dubai Miracle Garden tour with private transfers. Trust us, your trip to Dubai is incomplete without visiting the magnificence of Dubai Miracle Garden with Emiratsdeals.ae

Miracle Garden Dubai, the largest natural floral garden in the world, is absolutely miraculous. The Miracle Garden is the place to visit if you’ve ever wondered what 45 million flowers in a desert would look like. Miracle Garden Dubai is extremely amazing because of the gorgeous and vivid flowers that are fashioned into amazing forms. The botanical park is spectacular in every way, from a massive replica of an Emirates A380 to a special lane for bicyclists. We have you covered if you’re eager to book your trip to Miracle Garden but unclear of what to expect. Some of the top Miracle Garden Dubai attractions and activities are listed below.

Activities in the Miracle Garden in Dubai

You’d be wrong to believe that the nearly 45 million flowers in the Dubai Miracle Garden were simply planted therehaphazardly. Innovative displays of flowers are used at Miracle Garden, including a stunning floral recreation of the famous Burj Khalifa, a lovely flower arch, residences, huts, and other exhibitions. You need to be aware of the sights and exhibits you must see if you intend to schedule a Dubai Miracle Garden trip. A list of activities in Miracle Garden Dubai is provided below:


Hearts Passage & Emirates A380

Ever imagined what it would be like to pass through a gorgeous tunnel composed of enormous floral hearts? You’re no longer required to wonder! The breathtaking Hearts Passage in Miracle Garden Dubai is lined with vibrant and fragrant flowers that will instantly transport you to paradise as you pass through it. Getting photographs taken inside the Hearts Passage is one of the Miracle Garden Dubai’s most well-liked activities.

One of the most visited sights in Miracle Garden Dubai is the Emirates A380, a floral marvel unlike anything you have ever seen. The Emirates A380 is a life-size recreation of the Emirates A380 aircraft decorated with more than 500,000 live plants and flowers. It is stunning, regal, and well worth your time. The Emirates A380 installation also holds the honor of being the world’s largest floral installation.


Floral Clock & Big Teddy Bear

The Miracle Garden Dubai team’s ingenuity and dedication know no bounds, and the Floral Clock is a prime example of this. The mechanical components of this stunning clock, which is 15 meters wide and constructed completely of real flowers and plants, were brought from the US. What makes the Floral Clock so great? According to the season, the clock’s design and flowers are changed.

Everybody enjoys cuddling up with a sweet and cuddly teddy bear, and at Miracle Garden Dubai, you can have your picture taken next to a 12-meter-tall bear that was meticulously built out of many flowers and live plants. The enormous heart that the teddy bear is carrying is proudly conveying the message of harmony, peace, and love. The large teddy bear is one of Miracle Garden Dubai’s newest attractions and is highly recommended.


Disney Avenue & Dubai Butterfly Garden

Disney Avenue, one of Miracle Garden Dubai’s most impressive features, is home to well-known Disney characters in lifelike topiary form. The 18-meter-tall Mickey Mouse floral sculpture, which has over 100,000 plants and flowers, is undoubtedly a highlight of Disney Avenue. The Mickey Mouse topiary was awarded the Guinness World Record for Largest Topiary Structure in February 2018.

In close proximity to the Miracle Garden The Dubai Butterfly Garden is a similarly spectacular sight in Dubai. One of the most well-liked attractions in Dubai is the butterfly sanctuary, which is home to over 15,000 exquisite butterflies from 50 different kinds. Ten distinctive, climate-controlled domes that are scattered throughout the garden provide the butterflies with a cozy place to live and plenty of room to soar.

Miracle Garden Ticket offers
Get your ticket in advance and skip the queue at Dubai Miracle Garden.
Dubai Miracle Garden Ticket for only AED 85
• Child below 3 years old is free of charge
• Ticket are open dated valid until April 30, 2024

Dubai Miracle Garden Park Timings:
• 9AM – 9PM during Weekdays
• 9AM – 11PM on Friday
• 9AM – 10PM on Saturday

The gardens are designed to let your imagination run wild. There are insta-moments as well as points to simply relax and enjoy the floral displays.

It is one of the best places in Dubai to take your kids, but has a charm and appeal for all ages.

Whilst some exhibits are seasonal, some things have remained as permanent fixtures. Most prominently, the floral A380 Emirates aeroplane is now a permanent exhibit within Dubai Miracle Garden. Some other favourites which have returned for many seasons include:

Miracle Garden Ticket Discounts

The giant 18m tall topiary teddy bear
The 15m wide floral birthday clock
Hearts passageway – utterly instagrammable floral archway
Floral Castle – every little prince and princesses dream
Disney Avenue – your favourite characters in giant floral arrangements, including an 18m tall Mickey made with 100,000 flowers and weighing an incredible 35-tonnes!
There are, of course, many additions and changes to the garden each season, so even if you’ve visited before it’s well worth coming back to see the latest breathtaking display.

Where is Dubai Miracle Garden & how to get there
In an area that was previously to be known as Dubailand, south of Al Barsha, this 19 hectare plot of land was created and first opened in 2013, and it has since been expanded to it’s current size (and we suspect from construction work in the area, there’s more to come!)
Coming by car to Dubai Miracle Garden

You can find Miracle Garden at the junction of the E311 and E63 freeways. There is a large adjacent car park. Like anything in Dubai the earlier in the day you come the better parking spot you’ll get! There’s space for 2000 cars to park, normally easy on all but the busiest of days in winter.

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